Jim Carrey – Net Worth: $180 million

Before all his success in film and comedy, actor Jim Carrey was living out of his van during his teen years. His camper van also served as his means for transportation to get to his job, where he worked as a security guard and janitor. Luckily, Carrey was able to turn it all around and carve his way into Hollywood stardom. He’s known for some of the most iconic comedy acting credits of all time, and now, he is worth a whopping $180 million!

Today, Carrey isn’t living in his car anymore. He has got a beautiful and sprawling Malibu pad for himself, and he’s managed to acquire a few iconic sports cars too. Some of the cars in the comedian’s garage are a Porsche Panamera and a Mercedes AMG SL63. Both cars are surely an upgrade from his old and slow camper van!