See Your Favorite Celebrities’ Former Cars Before They Have Reached Stardom

Prince William & Kate Middleton – Net Worth: $50 million

It can certainly be tough to get around town and go on dates if you’re a widely known couple. For Prince William and Kate Middleton, they used to ride around in a Volkswagen Golf to keep it discrete. They certainly didn’t need to be discrete as everybody knew they were dating. However, getting around town in a Volkswagen Golf surely threw the paparazzi off. It’s a basic and simple car that’s not much to ogle at, but who knew that inside of it was the future Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

We’re more than certain that Prince William and Kate Middleton didn’t have to worry about the car insurance for this vehicle. Luckily, they managed to upgrade into a couple of SUVs, namely a Land Rover Discovery and a Range Rover SE Vogue. The pair certainly needed to upgrade into SUVs as they welcomed three kids to their growing family!