On Top of the Social Ladder: A Peek Inside The Lives of the World’s Richest Inheritors


Jared Kushner is an American investor, real estate developer, and newspaper publisher. You may know Jared Kushner as the son-in-law of former POTUS Donald Trump, but Jared has his own wealth and investment even before becoming a part of the infamous presidential family. As the son of a wealthy developer, Jared always had some sort of power and influence to his name.

With his marriage to Ivanka Trump, Jared was able to multiply his power and influence by the hundreds. He even dipped his toes into politics when he became a senior advisor to his father-in-law Donald Trump. However, now that his journey as a senior advisor has come to an end, Jared will have to refocus his attention on managing and expanding his family’s real estate empire along with his publishing company, The New York Observer.