These A-List Couples Prove Despite the Huge Age Gap They Can Make Things Work

Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell

Patrick Stewart married his third wife, Sunny Ozell, who is 38 years younger than him, in 2013 after dating for five years. At the time, Sunny was only 34 years old, while the legendary actor was already 73. How did they make their relationship work? Aside from keeping everything low key, they did not let their age gap be a big issue. They never let it get in the way of their happy marriage.

Knowing more about each other and similar attitudes towards life make their love last a long time. Sunny sees the difference as “irrelevant,” and describes her husband as being “ebullient”. She commends Patrick for being so youthful that he makes her look like she is the older one. Sunny even revealed that Patrick is in better shape than her! Perhaps some online health classes would help?