7 Important Things Veterinarians Wish Everyone Knew

We consider our pets to be a part of our family. We provide them with care in the same way do for our members of our family. Similar to getting health insurance for ourselves and our loved ones, it is important that we keep our fur babies happy and healthy too.

However, many of us often make mistakes when it comes to their well-being. This is why it’s important to get your veterinarian’s advice and recommendations before trying something new. From serving sizes to kibble treats, always check what experts have to say about them. You may be surprised that some of our usual practices are actually bad for our pets.

With that in mind, here are seven important things every vet wishes pet owners knew.

Serving Sizes Found on Food Packages Aren’t Always Applicable to Your Pets

When it comes to pet food, less is sometimes better according to Sara Ochoa, a veterinarian and veterinary consultant for DogLab. She noted that the suggested serving amount found on the back of food bags is higher than what your pet actually needs.

As a tip, feed your pets a degree lower than what is recommended by pet food companies. Be sure to follow any special instructions from your veterinarian, however. Generally, it’s fine to feed your pets a little less as this can prevent obesity.

Unwell dogs and Food Allergies

Most of the time, pet owners would blame food allergies when their puppies show signs of illness. However, veterinarians say that the issue may not be their food at all. In fact, it’s quite rare that health issues stem from food allergies. The real cause could be coming from the environment, so consider making investments toward making it safer for your pets. Also, you shouldn’t switch up your dog’s diet without consulting a veterinarian. Doing so could lead to stomach issues.

Chubby May Be Cute but Obesity Isn’t


While they may look cute and cuddly when they are a degree bigger, this could lead to potential health problems later on. Just like people, obesity can compromise the quality of life that your pets have. Being overweight can result in diabetes, heart problems and arthritis.

As mentioned earlier, check with your veterinarian before changing their diet if you suspect them to be overweight. The vet can also provide you with pointers on how to create a healthier lifestyle for them. These are things you won’t be able to learn from online classes.

Dry Kibble Won’t Help Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Clean

Most believe that crunchy kibble are an essential part of a cat’s dental health. However, they are not quite beneficial according to veterinarians. They explained that cats have a carnivore dentition, which means they have fewer premolars and molars than dogs. As a result, cats tend to chew less and mostly swallow the kibbles whole. This defeats the idea of kibble acting as a “toothbrush” to clean their teeth. Instead, use your credit card and get proper dental hygiene tools.

Coughing up Hairballs Isn’t Normal

Contrary to what people think, vomiting hairballs is not normal according to veterinarians. In fact, it could potentially be a sign of an underlying health issue. They pointed out that cats may be consuming too much hair through over-grooming, which is often caused by an allergy.

Some say that it could also stem from a gastrointestinal problem. There could be a block when it comes to the movement of hair through their intestine. If you see them coughing up hairballs on the flooring more often than usual, it’s time visit your vet.

Booster Shots are Important

Over time, vaccines become get less effective. A booster shot is important to maintain your pet’s immunity to disease. It is a common misconception that a single shot of a vaccine is more than enough.

While it will work for the period of time intended, most vaccines will require booster shots to maintain efficacy. Remember, proper investments in their health will save you a lot of money and worry in the long run.

Investing in a quality pet carrier is worth it

You may not think much about it but the right pet carrier is important. It can make a huge difference when it comes to your pet’s comfort. Go for a carrier that is hard plastic and large enough for the animal to turn around and lay down in. It’s also better to find one that can be opened from the side and from the top. This can help make your pets feel less nervous during visits to their vet. It might cost more, but if you can afford it on credit—we highly recommend getting one.